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From Our President

Thank you for visiting our site. For over 25 years DEC International has delivered exclusive content to thousands of companies just like yours! What makes us different and of value to you is the wide breadth of services we offer that allow you to time your sales efforts more effectively than anywhere else. DEC has a unique outlook on researching; we believe it is a cooperative effort between our Members and ourselves. Finally, we know that we work at your pleasure.

Allan Feifer
President, DEC International


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Permit Facts

Business Facts

Planning & Zoning

Atl. Housing Report

Bid Facts

Prospect Facts

For over 35 years DEC International, Inc. has been the innovative leader in its field. DEC has its roots in construction having performed heavy, commercial and residential construction on four continents. Having a background in construction and fully understanding the bid process DEC was well positioned to understand the needs of commercial and residential construction industries. In 1993 DEC began delivering a highly researched report that covered Georgia construction; quickly becoming the most valued service in the industry. We were the first in the industry to use leading edge database publishing, email and Internet tools to deliver customizable content to our Members. In the intervening years DEC has led the industry with the addition of Permit Facts, Planning & Zoning Facts, Business Facts, Bid Facts, and with the acquisition of REDI Data, we added the Atlanta Housing Report, Atlanta Subdivision Profile and the Subdivision Map Index to our lineup.

Knowing when to go to market is just as important as the who portion of the question! With our multiple overlapping services, only DEC International can positively position your company to answer the Who, What, When and Where of finding business!

Not content with resting on our laurels and always wanting to help our Members be more effective, we created in 2010, our first regional construction leads service. DEC’s mission statement demands that we have best of breed tools coupled with best research available anywhere. A unique feature of all DEC offerings is that we connect our Researchers with Members. At DEC International, we are dedicated to answering your marketing questions to the very best of our ability. We help you do more with less!


Business Facts - Learn about new businesses.
Planning & Zoning - Early real estate development information.
Permit Facts - New construction and renovation permits.
Atlanta Housing Report - Permits for new construction.
Bid Facts - Private sector pre-bid & bid stage.
Prospect Facts - Early stage information.

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DEC International is located right in the heart of the Atlanta Metro.  This allows us to provide the best possible reporting!